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What Logik stands for ? It’s a combination of the word logic: loc-ic /’läjik/ ). Which means principle of ideas or sensible of thinking and making good decision. And the letter K which is the first letter of Mr. Kongsingh’s name. Climb logik is our way to approach the outdoors and climbing community in Thailand.

Who we are ? Rock climbing school  based in Chiang Mai Thailand

What we do? We teach climbing from beginner to advance level. We invite you to discover  word class rock climbing area all over Thailand : Chiang Mai, Lop Buri  and Krabi with custom climbing trips, for groups or individuals, tailored to the kind of adventure you are looking for and the skills you would like to gain.

How we work? We are committed to provide the best possible experience for our guest , combining safety , good teaching methodology , leave no trace principle . We favorite a holistic approach, where we work in harmony with our customers,  staff, local communities and the environment.

What are our skills and background ? Suradet Kongsingh founder of Climb Logik have been working for more than 10 years as a climbing guide and group program facilitator for Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventure. He has been trained  in Thailand as well  as in the United States. Since 2015 Suradet is following  AMGA course to become a certified AMGA climbing instructor. The training gives him the opportunity to perfect his skills by learning  from the best climbing and mountaineering  guides in the world. His experience with climbers of different abilities, age and culture gives him an unparalleled  ability to understand and create your perfect climbing experience.

Values : Experience |Learn |Have fun

Contact Information
Email: climblogik@gmail.com

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