You’re experienced, but what do you do when your partner can’t get down on his own? This course include the technical systems review and belay escape , belay off the anchor and rope ascending and descending. 

You know how to climb, maybe you are even proficient at lead climbing. Have you ever thought about what would happen if something goes wrong? What if the climber you are belaying gets injured, and you are unable to lower them back to the ground? Simple accidents like this have been the beginning of many serious injuries and even fatalities. With some basic theory and techniques, you will have the tools needed to confront these problems in a calm, systematic manner. This two days course will teach you how to use the equipment you already are carrying, to improvise rescue systems and get you and your team out of a jam. Every climber needs to know these skills!


  • Technical system review : including knots and hitches, belaying off the anchor.
  • Belay escape
  • Rope ascending and descending
  • Counter balance ascending and descending with injured climber
  • Raising systems : including 3:1 and 5:1
  • Lowering system with a knot pass

Climber must be in a good physical overall shape

Climber must have intermediate rock climbing experience and lead climbing experience is recommended but not required

Trip Date: November – December

Duration: 8.00am to 16:30pm

Location : Lopburi

Ratio: 4:1

Difficulty : Intermediate to Advanced

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