Are you new in the sport and looking to learn? Climb Logik offers climbing courses and clinics which focus on different aspect of climbing. Whether you are just looking for a refresher or some new skills, We can help you take your climbing knowledge to the next level.

Courses & Clinics

Intro Outdoor Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is becoming more and more popular. We’ll teach you the basic skill needed in the class to begin rock climbing like basic knots, how to belay and more! We also will help set you up with the proper fundamental to begin challenging yourself at any crag.

Learn to Lead Outdoor

Learning to safely lead climb is a milestone as a climber. Take the next step outdoors and lear to lead sport routes! Everything from back -clipping and falling on bolt. This course will ensure you learn safely with the assistance of top rope, your guide will assess with you when you will be ready to climb lead.

Multi-pitch Climbing Skill

If you wish to push beyond top roping and single pitch climbing, this course is the one for you. After review of basic technical climbing system. We will learn the new skills needed to move beyond the single pitch world.

Self Rescue for Rock Climbers

What happens when something goes wrong? Self rescue is one of the skill set that climber hopes to never used. This two days course will teach you how to use the equipment you already are carrying, to improvise rescue systems and get you and your team out of a jam. Every climber needs to know these skills!

Gym to Crag

How do you do begin your climbing venture from the climbing gym to the crag. We can help you design for climbers all of abilities who are looking for transition from the gym to the real rock. This course will teach you the skill and knowledge to increase your skill while climbing outside.

Learning with a professional rock guide has many advantages, if you want to know more please check out the blog post below !

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