China Climb Ice

Hello Everyone ! Happy belated new year.

” As long as  you love what you do, there are alway friends ”

My Chinese Ice Teacher

I wanted to go to Sichuan since the first time I ever visit China in 2012. I was very impressed by China amazing ladscape and mountains.

Siguniang Shan

We don’t have big snowy montains here in Thailand but that never stopped me to dream about Ice climbing, Mountainering… I beleive if you set your mind to something and you are motivated enough anything can happen !

This year 2017, I’m fortunated enough to keep doint what I love and get the opportunity to embrace a brand new experience, ice climbing with my twin brother Add who share with me a common passion for the outdoor.

Ice climbing is a totally different game and there is one golden rule : NEVER take a fall when you lead ” No No No ” The risk with ice climbing is greater than rock climbing, because the ice conditions changes all the time and we know that ice can break. So it is none of your business to lead if you don’t climb ice more than 3-5 thousand meters. Even though it was risky and physically intense I really enjoyed it.

I was very lucky to meet Chinese Ice climbers who take me climbing and teach me a lot during this trip, It was awesome to meet this vibrant ice climbing community and all my chinese friends were amazing teachers ! I’ve climbed for 14 days in a row since the first day. The weather outside was like -5/-10 celsius everyday. I’m not use to this kind of cold but I loved it !

The Dream Team
Ready to Climb
Intro to Ice Climbing
WI 4+ Ice Grade

I’ve spent almost 3 weeks in Sichuan and there are of course many areas I still need to discover during my next trip . This place it totally one of my favorite and I will come back again soon! My goal next time is to lead on ice.

Hike up Hill
Water Ice Is Rad!
Managed to Send my first D4


Dry Tooling Place

Thank you my wife who supporting me for everything I do, Jon Otto for helping us out with everything there, CMRCA who first given me chance to rock climb, my sponsor Point6socks for the best wool sock in the planet and All my friends who liked and follow on my journey.


Great Time!

Last but not least, thank you Khun Tony for showing me around  Chengdu town and for some good food there. See you again soon

Chengdu Local Food

Check out this VDO

Thanks for reading



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