The Birthday Challenge!

We love climbing, it’s just simple!  I remember after we watched Alex Honnold’s birthday challenge video where he climbs 290 pitches  we got so inspired  and I told  Add ” We should do something like this man! but not the free solo ahh! ” So we decided to do our own birthday challenge and climb 100 pitches each within a day at our home crag in Chiang Mai.

ooan and add portrait
The Saparot brothers

We got up at 4 in the morning just like alpine start , 1 hour drive to the crag and start climbing at 6.30 am. The routes we climbed for this challenge were not harder than 6a+ but the big challenge on this day was to climb 100 pitches under extreme condition,   the temperature was 40 degrees Celsius  and super humid out there . So when we started we weren’t sure that we actually going to make it and that we will survive the heat or not !!

Thailand heat man !
First Pitch of the day …
Love it but still have 70 pitches to go !
ooan porte la corde
Keep going !
add matt
Point 6 socks keep our feet cool in the heat !
ooan lumiere bambou
Almost sunset and still 30 pitches …
ooan defait le neod
Low energy but high motivation !
Dusk already and we….keep going !

Always dream big and go after your dreams because at the end everything is possible !

Special thanks to our sponsors CMRCA for supporting us all those years and Point6 for the best wool socks ever.

Cheers! Twin boys!

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