Deung duut Jai

Deang duut Jai – Heart Wall 6A+

Climbing is a lifelong journey It’s the same as life. Someday you feel really good and someday you feel not psyched. Accepting that process and enjoying for what it is, its the key to not let yourself being discouraged. Climbing also teach me to practice loving outdoor and protect the beautiful nature.

China Climbing

I start 2015 with exciting plans. Bolting at heart wall is one of my goal for this year. Heart wall is about 15 mins hike from the parking lot. There are 20 routes there from grade 5A to 7A+. The climbing are quiet steep. I remember the first time I climbed there, it was so awesome! It quickly became one of my favorite climbing crag and it still is today so that’s why I am psyched to develop this area. I decided to contribute to the climbing community in Northern Thailand check out this ” Bolt Hear Wall Project ” If you interested in making history with us guys!

Bird eyes view on the new section!
Piece of cake!
Drilling my anchor!
Gear Up!
Cleaning the route!
With lots of MOTIVATION!

Big thank to my newest sponsor. I feel so honored to be new Point6socks ambassador and I am looking forward to show you my point6 socks soon !

Stay tuned !

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